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I am ClaireFromYVR.

I have graduate degrees in Information Architecture and an undergraduate degree in digital art.  For over 10 years, making information easily accessible and visually engaging online has been my profession, one which included designing the web interface for several major airlines, and photographing European cities for Cadogan City Guides.  I currently have a day-job managing the online web services, social media and promotion at a large university.

I love to travel and I have lived – resided, worked, played – in Sydney, Manhattan, San Francisco, London, Indonesia, Hawaii and Silicon Valley.  I have a passion for travel, and I have traveled extensively through the Pacific, Europe, East and Southeast Asia,  and North America. My style of travel is to blend – to do as the Romans do – to find the favourite local restaurants, hotels, and attractions.  When I plan a trip, I do a lot of research.  I speak Spanish, Indonesian, and some French and German.

I moved to Vancouver because it is a beautiful place. Vancouver has so much to offer visitors and locals alike!  I started ClaireFromYVR to share that excitement about my favourite local restaurants, hotels, and attractions with other travelers.


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