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YVR Airport Winter Ready with 2023 Travel Improvements

After a rather disastrous holiday travel season last year, many airlines and airports have since altered their approach and added new resources. Of course, mother nature will play a big part in how it all goes this winter. But many in the air travel sector are making a concerted effort to avoid a repeat of the cancellations and delays that left thousands stranded during the peak travel period. YVR airport specifically has made some notable changes with its YVR Winter Readiness: Enhancements and Preparations for 2023 since last winter.

YVR has invested $40 million in 130 initiatives across the airport and together, we aim to improve resiliency and better support passengers during weather events. Learn how we are safely and reliably connecting BC to the world this winter.

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YVR’s 2023 Winter Readiness Enhancements and Preparations

  • YVR invested in real time Operational Changes like implementation of advanced weather monitoring in real time, and winter weather equipment, Including more efficient de-icing processes, and increased de-icing fluid storage capacity. Purchase of 19 new pieces of snow clearing equipment. Launch of Airport Reservation Office (ARO) to better manage aircraft movement, airport flow and on-time performance.
  • Addition of 16 more staff Airfield Maintenance positions, and increased numbers of bridge and apron crews.
  • YVR has also updated protocols, so that passengers are not stuck on aircraft for extended periods of time when there are delays. New gate protocols requiring airlines to deplane passengers to the gate within half an hour of taxiing.
  • Improve the traveller experience with additional staff stationed throughout the terminal.
  • New Curbside Greeting Program that welcomes arriving travellers and supports theirs travel needs.
  • Enhanced Passenger Journey platform, for mobil devices to help passengers navigate services curb to gate, restaurants, baggage gates.
  • Expand passenger apps, including YVR Express which allows you to schedule a specific time to enter security screening and avoid waiting in line prior to moving through the screening process. and YVR Timeline a digital tool for passengers to find out whether they are at risk of missing their flights.
  • Better collaboration through daily and weekly briefings with partners organizations, internal teams and external partners, to support faster, smarter decision making.
  • The Øverassen TV 1000+ Snowblower
    • About double the horsepower of the snow blowers used last year.
    • It features the world’s first “flying cab” which allows the driver to choose whether they’d like to be in front of or behind the blower chute to ensure optimal view points.
    • The high-speed blower can reach up to speeds of 62 km/h
    • The TV 1000+ has two engines ensuring power for both propulsion capacity and snow removal and can remove up to 8,500 tons/h.

And who doesn’t love a mega ,massive snow plower/blower when you’ve got a bit of snow accumulating on your driveway!?!

Love how it barely fits in the garage!! (#snowblowerEnvy).

Let it Snow, and Happy Holidays @YVRAirport

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View of YVR Airport, December 24, 2022 from the Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel

Happy winter travels!

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