If you appreciate an exquisite cocktail made from a concoction of specially gathered fine ingredients, many locally sourced, and mixed into a unique vessel, just for you, then you’ll love Betty Lou’s Library.

Add a cozy setting with plush velvet seating, and some live Jazz band playing in the background, and I’ll never leave.

It’s A Speakeasy

Betty Lou’s Library is the product of Blaine Armstrong, and is a tribute to his mother Betty Lou, who was the first female bartender in the Victoria, BC.

Another Speakeasy you might like to try is Bathtub Gin & Co in Seattle.

Fine Canadian Spirits

A glance at the cocktail list includes several drinks made with gin, but not just any gin, we’re talking Bombay Sapphire and Gin Mare and Sylvius London Dry Gin and St. George Terroir Gin.  At Betty Lou’s your cocktail will include local spirits too; Banff Park Vodka, Victoria Gin, Alberta Rye.

What’s the Secret Word to Enter

If you want in, book early; send them an email and tell them when you’d like to show up. In turn, they’ll send a reply with a secret password for you to use on arrival. Just pick up the handheld telephone, utter the passport, and someone will appear to usher you in from somewhere behind a bookcase.

Betty Lou’s Library

Ph: 403-454-4774 or send an email to info@bettylouslibrary.com to make a reservation.
Address: The Devenish Building, 908 17 Ave SW, Calgary
Open: Tuesday – Saturday: 5pm – Late.  Closed: Sunday & Monday.


Cheers and Enjoy!