Why Are So Many Breweries Opening in Vancouver?

Meet the nine new craft breweries opening in Vancouver.

It’s been in the news over the last year that many new craft breweries are opening Vancouver. At least 5 have opened up since 2011, joining the stalwarts Granville Island Brewing (est 1984), Yaletown Brewing (1994), Steamoworks Beer (1995), Storm Brewing (1995), and R&B Brewing (1997). If you like craft beer, its never been a better time to visit Vancouver. A traveler could enjoy a excellent weekend visiting and sampling Vancouver craft beer.

Many of the new breweries are close to downtown, occupying east of Main, an area with affordable warehouse spaces suitable for such liquid endeavours. And lucky for us Vancouverites, cheaper rents plus a growing demand for craft beer is yielding the new crop of friendly neighbourhood breweries.

Here, for those of you keeping track, are the breweries operating (or about to open) in Vancouver. As they are all stumbling blocks away from me, this might just be a good list for me.

Please let me know if I am missing any? I don’t mind further research!

Recently Opened

Brassneck Brewery - Opening Board
Brassneck Brewery – Opening Board

Brassneck (Opened October 3, 2013)
Brewery, Glowler Shop & Tasting Room.
2148 Main Street
This much anticipated brewery from the partnership from Conrad Gmoser (Steamworks) and Nigel Springthorpe (Alibi Room) is offering some truly magnificent flavours in the craft beer market and a take-away-only storefront brewery that relies on heavy pedestrian traffic along funky and popular upper end of Main Street. And yes, I am a fan of the ‘purse pop’ bottles!!

Coal Harbour Brewing (2012)
Brewery location and keg pick up.
1967 Triumph Street near Victoria Dr.

Parallel 49 Brewing (2012)
Tasting room, Bottles and Growlers fills.
1950 Triumph St. at Victoria Dr.
Brought to us by three East Vancouver sons, they are turning out some excellent brews. The tasting room has a neighbourhood feel, plenty of affectionados, and I always feel welcomed.

Tasting Room at Parallel 49 Brewing in Vancouver
Selection of Craft Brews at Parallel 49 Tasting Room, Vancouver

Powell Street Brewery (2012)
Tasting room, Bottles and Growler fills.
1830 Powell St near Victoria Dr.
Powell Street Craft Brewery, opened by husband & wife team David Bowkett and Nicole Stefanopoulos in late 2012, is one of Vancouver’s newest nano-breweries. They focus on brewing small handcrafted batches (nano), using all natural ingredients, as much of it local as possible.

Tasting Flight at 33 Acres.
Tasting Flight at 33 Acres.

33 Acres (New: Opened July 27 Summer 2013)
15 West 8th Avenue, just behind the Anzac Club, and near the new HootSuite offices. This new endeavour from Josh Michnik is located in fermenting ‘Brewery Creek’ neighbourhood area of Mount Pleasant.

Bomber Brewing (New: Opened February 2014)
1488 Adanac Street near Clark St, East Van, co-owners Don Farion (BierCraft & Incendio) and Dean Mallel. Blair Calibaba, Head Brewer. Smallish Taproom but big flavour beer! Free bike pump outside.

Main Street Brewing Company (New: Opened May 2014)
4210 Main St, in Mount Pleasant
Main Street Brewing is a creation from Main Street restraunteurs who also own the Main Street Pilsner label. Plenty of great food served, daily sandwiches, to accompany the great beer!

Icons Expanding

Red Truck Beer (Vancouver)
East 1st Avenue in ‘Brewery Creek’ neighbourhood area of Mount Pleasant.
Mark James’ Red Truck is opening a new $20-million brewery that will include a ‘Red Truck Stop’ pub and restaurant. (and save us from the trip to North Van). Check out the construction photos on RedTruckBeer Facebook Page.

Steamworks Beer opened a new production brewery in Burnaby at 3845 William Street in May 2014.
Their Taproom is now open! More info on SteamWorksBeer Facebook Page or follow then on Twitter: @Steamworksbeer.

Are we lucky to be in Vancouver, or what?! #beerrich

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  1. Patrick Knight

    Granville Island is owned by Molson , hardly craft beer

    1. Hi Patrick,
      Indeed Granville Island Brewery was bought by Creemore Springs division of Molson Coors Brewing Co. in 2009 from Andrew Peller Ltd. Molson identified a rapidly burgeoning craft beer market, and a diminishing mass production beer market. The question is, how does this change things? They are certainly not nano! I do like some of their smaller batches, currently I am enjoying the Uncle Monty’s Best Bitter. And I understand your point! But I don’t want to completely draw a line in the sand. I suppose, if they have a taproom I can visit with seasonal beers made on premise, I’m a happy camper.

  2. Ruth

    You missed out Deep Cove Craft which opened this summer in North Vancouver and is stocked by local liquor stores and served at locations throughout Vancouver.

    1. Claire from Vancouver

      Hi Ruth! Thank you for the update. I see their opening date was August 23, 2013. I clearly need to get out of Vancouver more and visit Deep Cove! What are your favourite beers from Deep Cove Craft, I’ll look for them in my local Legacy Liquor? Check them out: http://deepcovecraft.com/

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