Beautiful Casapueblo, the villa, hotel and museum built by Uruguayan artist Carlos Páez Vilaró, sits atop Punta Ballena and attracts visitors year round to take in the breathtaking views. Open to tourists since the late 1960’s, it attracts a steady stream of visitors.

Panorama of Casapueblo (credit: BerniFromYVR)
Panorama of Casapueblo (credit: BerniFromYVR)

Definitely Gaudi-esque, its a surreal point of inspiration. Just 20 minutes from Punta del Este, it’s quite alone along the beautiful coastline.

When I went, in April, it was a rainy, windswept afternoon, but the curves and cubbies of intimacy made my visit seem special. Its an outdoor experience, with decks and balconies scattered everywhere.

The property was acquired by Vilaró in 1958, and the inspiration for Casapueblo are stylized mud nests of the local hornero birds. There is a 13-story Museum of Carlos Páez Vilaró’s artwork for sale. He passed away just February 2014. Once inside the museum (a Fee required of $120 Uruguayan Pesos, approx. $6 US) you are free to roam the balconies and outdoor spaces.

There is a restaurant and a cafe with birds eye views, and there is a 72-apartment hotel, Club Hotel Casapueblo.

Museum – Casapueblo,
Punta Ballena, Uruguay.
CP 20003
Tel / Fax: + (598) 4257 8041
Tel / Fax: + (598) 4257 9121
Open to the public every day of the year
Hours: 10 hours. until sunset.

Museum Casapueblo
Hotel Casapueblo
About Carlos Páez Vilaró