View Vancouver’s Cherry Blossoms – Photo Gallery

With over 40,000 trees, Cherry Blossoms are a beautiful sign of Spring in Vancouver, BC.

Their early spring arrival delights and lifts our hearts. The delicate pink and white petals sometimes fall like snow or light rain, but by contrast fill us with a playful joy. Spring.

For more than sixty years, Vancouverites have enjoyed a love affair each spring with the soul-stirring flowering plum and cherry trees that line our streets and grace our parks. In our City’s infant years in the late 1800s–until the 1940s, planting trees on boulevards and in parks often followed the tradition of large shade trees—elm, maple, chestnut and plane—trees that were tall, stately and long-lived. Many of those magnificent trees that were planted on our parks and streets so long ago still survive today.

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