Vancouver Pride Parade
Sunday, July 31, 2016 – 12:00pm to 3:00pm

One of the best celebrations in Vancouver, the Vancouver Pride Parade is a local gem, and a truly fun and inspiring event.

WestJet at Vancouver Pride Parade
WestJet at Vancouver Pride Parade

The Vancouver Pride Parade is one of the city’s flagship events! Attracting crowds of more than 650,000, the Pride Parade is renowned on the international stage as one of the largest and most successful LGBTQ2+ events in the world.

2016 Vancouver Pride Parade theme is “Better Together”

For many members of the LGTBQ2+ community, isolation is a very real issue. Without family support or a network of friends, life can feel extremely difficult. When we stand together, support each other and believe in one another, it makes everyone stronger. Through a human rights lens, when we band together, we have the power to affect positive social change and carve out space for each of us to celebrate who we are. It’s definitely…better together.

Parade Tips:

It’s HOT. Remember to bring your sunscreen, a hat and water! Temperatures can run high on Parade day, so moderate exposure to the sun and stay hydrated! And if you, like me carry you camera with you, be aware that spontaneous water falls occur – be ready to shield your camera from a deluge. Put on you dancing shoes, because music features heavily along the parade route.

2016 marks the 38th Anniversary of Pride in Vancouver

2014 MP Justin Trudeau at Vancouver Pride Parade

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will be making history on July 31 2016 when he becomes the first sitting PM to march in the Vancouver Pride Parade.

CTV's News Anchors at Vancouver Pride Parade
CTV News Anchor Coleen Christie at Vancouver Pride Parade

Vancouver Pride Parade Route:

The Pride Parade usually begins at Robson Street and Thurlow Street, heads west to Denman Street, follows Denman to Pacific Street and Beach Avenue and finishes at the Sunset Beach Festival site.  Map coming soon.

Pre-Parade Event – Davie Street Block Party

Davie Street Block Party, 6 PM to Midnight on Friday July 29th @ Davie Village
This year’s block party is exploding the beer garden and dropping the fences, with the party spilling out from the Community Stage at Davie Street’s historic Rainbow Crosswalk at Bute Street, where you can pound the pavement to some of the city’s hottest talent. The Davie Street Block Party is free and open to all ages, all genders and all bodies, but outdoor bar service is 19+ only, with a wristband purchased for $5.00 at one of our ticket booths.

Wristbands Are NOW AVAILABLE For 19+ Guests At The Davie Street Party!


Get more info on all of the Vancouver Pride events at the Vancouver Pride Society website.