Vancouver, It Rains

Vancouver, It Rains

While we celebrate much of the beauty of Vancouver with photos of glorious sunsets and breathless blue waterscapes, the truth is we get a lot of rain and grey days. In the spring and fall, I often feel for the visitors to Vancouver. One weekend can be gloriously bright and rain free, the next can be inhibitingly wet and soggy. In fact some single days can contain the whole spectrum from cold, wet and grey skies, to sunshine and blue sky. It’s the luck of the draw. But rain is a real part of our We[s]t Coast lifestyle. If you’ve been dealt a wet, grey Vancouver holiday, you’re one of us! Welcome.

Check out my advice for Rainy Day Itinerary – 24 Hours in Vancouver for Travellers, Tourist, and Cruise Ship Passengers.

Expect rain. Always.

Remember, it is easy enough to carry a collapsable umbrella, or rain hat, or lightweight raincoat. Minimal effort to carry, put on, take off. Most Vancouver hotels will supply you with a free umbrella to use. But you are loath to be traversing the wet streets of the city in a downpour with no protection. It can be messy. There is nothing more unpleasant than a super crowded city bus, chock full of wet umbrellas dripping all over you, and windows fogged over to give the whole ride a slightly claustrophobic feeling.


Rainy Day Seawall Vancouver
Rainy Day Seawall Vancouver

Vancouver’s Average Monthly Rainfall
Average Annual Rainfall: 1117.2 mm / 43.98 inches
Month Rainfall: mm / inches
January 131.6 / 5.18
February 115.6 / 4.55
March 105.4 / 4.15
April 74.9 / 2.95
May 61.7 / 2.43
June 45.7 / 1.8
July 36.1 / 1.42
August 38.1 / 1.5
September 64.4 / 2.54
October 115.3 / 4.54
November 167.2 / 6.58
December 161.2 / 6.35

The Variety of Rain

Mist. Spurious drops. Land clouds. Heavy showers.

Some years I’ve felt like a duck, day after day, standing in the incessant rain, waiting for a bus. We get a little damp, emotionally, when we have long stretches of rain. One November we had 28 days of rain. But, like water off a duck’s back, we get on with life.

Sometimes rain is inconvenient, when you want to have a picnic or event outside, but sometimes it’s a good friend, when you want to fall asleep with some gentle noise in a noisy city. It washes the sidewalks, and puts a glossy shine on streets. It can be quite beautiful.

Gastown in the rain.
Gastown in the rain.

Enjoy the rain, as much as we do. And remember, rain is better than Vancouver snow!
(Vancouver #Snowmageddon Brings Transit in Vancouver to a Halt/ via Vancouver

Vancouver Artists and the Rain

Regan d’Andrade is a writer of poetry and prose and has been passionate about writing since childhood. Regan was published by the City of Vancouver in a magazine entitled ‘A Hurricane in the Basement’. She was also one of ten writers chosen to have their work inscribed on a story stone; her stone sits on Kits Point at the foot of Arbutus. Her piece is entitled ‘Vancouver in the Rain’.

Ben Reeves Inverse 2010 Courtesy Equinox Gallery

Fred Herzog Granville/Robson 1959 Courtesy Equinox Gallery

Note on Inhibitingly :
“If I can argue for it, it is not a typo.”
Meaning: It keeps you in-doors.


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