Vancouver Bike To Work Week May 26 – June 1, 2014

Metro Vancouver Bike to Work Week – May 26 to June 1, 2014

Vancouver is a bike friendly city. Cycling to work is a great way to add activity to your day, saving time by combining a work out with your travel needs.  This year Communities around BC are geared up for Bike to Work Week 2014 to be held May 26 – June 1!

Bikes along Cambie Pub at Cambie St and Cordova - Vancouver
Bikes along Cambie St and Cordova St in Gastown – Vancouver

Bike to Work Week in Metro Vancouver offers events and friendly competitions to encourage avid cyclists and new riders alike to try the trip to work on bike.

This event provides tips on safe cycling, along with workplace and individual workshops on skills and provides bike maintenance pit stops and refreshments.  Its a party on two wheels!!

The Bike to Work Week in Metro Vancouver events happen once in the spring and once in the fall. Check in with the BikeHub for online tools, prize draws, events, and awards, all for free! Chart the benefits: kilometres, calories, carbon savings. Challenge a friend or co-worker; challenge yourself and discover how fun it is.

Bikes along Cambie St and Cordova - Vancouver
Bikes outside Cambie Pub along Cambie St and Cordova – Vancouver

During Bike to Work Week, over 50 motivational Celebration Stations are set up on high-traffic bike paths where people on bikes can stop for free coffee and snacks, pick up information about cycling in Metro Vancouver, get a free bike tune-up and enter to win prizes. There is also an on-line component where participants log their bike trips each day to be entered to win daily grand prize bikes and to compete with other workplaces in Metro Vancouver.

Since the first HUB Bike to Work Week kicked off in 2007, the number of people choosing their bike as a transportation option has increased by 200% and over 8,000 people have tried cycling to work for the very first time.

Register for Bike to Work Week with BikeHUB after May 1st. You can either register as a Team Leader (creating a team) or a Rider (joining a team or riding solo).