Divine Dahlia Lounge – Downtown Seattle

My Divine Dinner at Dahlia Lounge – Downtown Seattle Restaurant reviews are so personal, and not always about the food. ‘Was my day going well? Who did I dine with? Were the specials what I’d anticipated?’ ¬†That said, I had a long day, I missed my train, making my journey drag out after a long […]

72 Hours in Seattle

When it comes to travel, crossing borders, no matter how close, is always an adventure. And the easiest of travel is the long weekend. Seattle might only be a three hour, 225 km drive from Vancouver, but for me it is often an exotic adventure. I hope the same can be said of Vancouver from […]

Pan Pacific Hotel Seattle – Great location for a Mini Break

A short and pleasant drive away, Seattle is a favourite destination for Vancouverites. Seattle has all those things we love, great food, great bars, access to nature, art & cultural, and its a good looking city! We recently spent the weekend at Pan Pacific Hotel Seattle, on a mini break to Seattle. Accommodations were pampering, […]