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Seattle with the Freedom of Time to Wander

I have occasionally found myself in Seattle, in the middle of a hot, sunny, summer, with the freedom of time to wander. Usually finding my way from food stop to food stop, sometimes even a nice drink stop. Seattle does not disappoint! My happy place for coffee, Victrola Coffee on 15th Avenue in Capital Hill. They find small coffee growers …

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Why Are So Many Breweries Opening in Vancouver?

Meet the nine new craft breweries opening in Vancouver. It’s been in the news over the last year that many new craft breweries are opening Vancouver. At least 5 have opened up since 2011, joining the stalwarts Granville Island Brewing (est 1984), Yaletown Brewing (1994), Steamoworks Beer (1995), Storm Brewing (1995), and R&B Brewing (1997). If you like craft beer, …

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Cheers CBC Map of Canadian Microbreweries

CBC’s Map of Local Canadian Microbreweries On the edge as always, CBC has identified that the growing love for Craft breweries is big news. “The local craft brewing industry has seen a steady growth over the last few years. In 2012, craft beer sales grew by 33 percent when compared to other wines and sprits sold in Ontario and similar …

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