One of my favourite Farmer’s Markets, West End Farmers Market is abundant in Spring Harvest

For me, Spring is all about the greens. And there’s nothing like finding a fresh organic head of Romain Lettuce that was just picked farm-fresh that morning.

Radicchio – One of my favourites leafy veg. I add it liberally to raw salads. I also love to slice is and barbecue it – it sweetens up, but still has that fresh bitterness.
(Pahitnya itu enak! = Bitterness can also be savoured.)

Actually everything is better on the grill, IMHO. I love the fresh turnips available now. They’re great grilled, and the tops are tasty lightly steamed or raw in salads – the joy of organic.

Organic Rapini
Organic Rapini

Located in the heart of Vancouver’s lively West End, this excellent Saturday market is adjacent to picnic-friendly Nelson Park and the beautiful community gardens.
zucchini / courgettes blossoms
zucchini / courgettes blossoms

The West End Farmers Market is Open Saturdays 9am – 2pm, from May 30 to Oct 24, 2015.

Many of the farms are based in the surrounding lower mainland. This and other markets sustain our ability to eat local. Located in Vancouver’s West End on Comox Street, everyone can enjoy the best in local produce, prepared foods and crafts. Hot food and coffee on-site as well.

Mid-June and there are cherries starting to show up the market this year. Usually our July Farmers Markets are heaping with fresh Okanagan Cherries – read Summer West End Farmers Market.

You can even take your dog for a walk and both enjoy a market.

West End Farmers Market
Saturdays, May 30 to Oct 24, 2015 from 9am – 2pm each week
1100 Block of Comox Street across from Nelson Park at Mole Hill
more info at Vancouver Farmers Market website.