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Lonsdale Quay Market – Vancouver’s Other Great Food Market

Lonsdale Quay Market is a thriving market and a good excuse for a day trip to North Vancouver. I admit, I am a Sunday morning regular to Granville Island Public Market, but not just for the food, it’s close to my home, so walking there is routine. A trip to Lonsdale Quay Market is always also a day out! The …

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Shopping Across the Border – Welcome to Bellingham and Fairhaven

Many a Lower Mainlander has been been enticed by deals south of the border in neighbouring Bellingham. I had never been. Oh, I’ve certainly enjoyed the pleasures of Seattle shopping, but also the great dining, art, touring, and the overnight accommodations that make that the real purpose of visiting. Curious about the delights Bellingham had to offer, and on the …

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Pan Pacific Hotel Seattle – Great location for a Mini Break

A short and pleasant drive away, Seattle is a favourite destination for Vancouverites. Seattle has all those things we love, great food, great bars, access to nature, art & cultural, and its a good looking city! We recently spent the weekend at Pan Pacific Hotel Seattle, on a mini break to Seattle. Accommodations were pampering, with a room on the …

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