Upcountry Maui is really beautiful and very different from the lower beach areas. It’s rugged and earthy and produces some of the most amazing crops!  After a few days on the beach and too many fast meals, you need a slow organic and healthy meal.  Take a trip upcountry, about an hour from Lahaina, to O’o Farm in Kula, Maui, Hawaii.  They do a tour of their organic and sustainable farm and luncheon (it was $50 per person when I went).

The setting is rustic and naturally beautiful for lunch outside.  You can bring your own wine, and share it with others over the long tables at lunch. Lunch was perfectly cooked and presented beautifully.  The local Mahi Mahi was excellent and fresh!

But I did have a comment about the menu, as I can see from Trip Advisor it is the same menu they’ve had for a a while. It kind of defeats the seasonality to have the same menu year round. Then again, this is Maui, and maybe its easier to grow kale year round.  And fair enough, if a particular menu works, it works. People are so hard to please, spontaneity can create unwanted results (though I am quite forgiving in cuisine, as long as there is try). I would have preferred taro leaves to spinach, but again, kula might not be the right environment.

The day I visited, it was a beautiful sunny day trip, the eight acre farm is fun and interesting, and lunch was fresh and tasty!! There were mostly adults, one couple with grandparents, brought their 7-10 year olds. The children’s willingness to try all the raw herbs and veggies was impressive.  There are some hills and some unpaved paths which slowed the grandparents a little.

It was a true ‘Farm to Table’ experience. What a treat!

O’o Farm Upcountry Maui
651 Waipoli Road, Kula, Hawaii 96790
RESERVATIONS 808.667.4341 or reservationist@pacificomaui.com