Life Goals – When You’re 16 Years Old

Recently, I was looking for some old photographs, I found my diary from when I was 15-17 years old.  Somehow it has managed to survive moves to multiple countries, and the occasional fire and flood.


I have journaled many times in my life; sometimes while traveling, sometimes for craft, sometimes to get over difficult situations, and sometimes, as in this case, to express my thoughts without judgement.

This little, 3 x 5 inch diary is a treasure trove of insight. Now, in my wizened adult eyes, I find its contents charming, innocent, silly, and somewhat true to who I am.

When thumbing through it, I found a folded up piece of paper, with writing on top:  ‘Before 30’ and a list.   Hmm?

Bucket List Goals from a 16-year-old to do before I reach 30

Indeed, this is my 16-year-old self’s Bucket List goals to do Before my 30th.  Because basically when you’re 16 years old, 30 is the end of good run, right?

I had a very good laugh, and also felt a sweet pang of wistfulness at my teen goals. 

Before 30 ->

Let’s see how I did!

I am well past 30 years old now. How did I do?

My photography and writing have always endured, and I am very glad for that.

I guess I need to phone the O’Jays.