Usually I make my Granville Island Public Market trips early in the morning and am focused with list in hand. This weekend, it was quiet, and we slept in, and found ourselves arriving later (9 am) at the market. The bistro was just opening, and we were hungry. Lucky us. Brunch is Saturday and Sunday from 9am-3:30p.

The special thing about Edible Canada, is that they use local sourced ingredients. They find all the tasty cheeses and produce, and jams and breads and use it in their food, or carry it in their retail shop.

It was hard to choose, but I went for the Fiore Farms Ham and Eggs. The house cured ham was succulent and not salty or super dense, it was excellent. The two sunny side eggs and bacon has potatoes were fresh and well presented.  My partner had the Edible Canada Breakfast with scrambled eggs, Sloping Hills port & apple sausages, and as side of  crispy Duckfat fried Hashbrowns – don’t do it, they are crispy and delicious, but its because of all that fat.

The coffee was top notch, and we shared a french press pot. Service was attentive, but not intrusive.
It soon filled up by the time we finished.

The location is good, central to the market, it would be better if it was near the water, but it is so tastefully decorated it delights.

The quality of food was very good. Edible Canada is making a good effort in up-ing the quality of food in Vancouver. They also offer some amazing tours,  I must try their kayak tours some day.

And I will certainly pick up some of their dry goods, they make great gifts to travel with. So tempting, like the Noble Tahitian Vanilla Bean & Chamomile Blossom Maple Syrup or the Marmalades that looks too beautiful to eat.

There are so many good places to eat in Vancouver. This is one of them.

Edible Canada Bistro and Retail Store
1596 Johnston Street
Vancouver, BC V6H 3R9


Lunch (weekdays): 11am – 3pm
Bar Menu: 3 – 5pm
Dinner: 5pm to 9pm, Monday through Thursday & to 10pm on Friday & Saturday.
Saturday & Sunday Brunch 9am – 3:30pm