Why Being in Dublin on Bloomsday is a Special Treat!

I happened to be in Dublin during Bloomsday. Dublin is already a very friendly city, but when Dubliners take to the street to celebrate their most celebrated author, James Joyce, well it’s hard not to be swept away.

So many events take place outside. Being a visitor, its easy to join in and experience what it’s like to be part of Dublin. Don’t miss it if you’re traveling to Dublin in June!

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What is Bloomsday?

Some say Dublin is as much about James Joyce, as James Joyce is about Dublin.
Bloomsday comes from James Joyce’s main character Leopold Bloom, in the novel Ulysees.


Bloomsday takes place on June 16, which is the day Ulysees is set.

Bloomsday is a festival of celebrations when Dubliners dress up as characters from the book and in historic clothes in a style from the 1904 era.

On June 16th, Dublin will be heaving with Bloomsday events including readings in situ of Ulysees, lectures, pub crawls and many loads of other events.

The majority of events are around the James Joyce Centre on North Great George’s Street.

Trivia: Joyce chose June 16 because it was the day of his first date with his wife, Nora Barnacle.

Ulysees revolves around a day – 16 June 1904 – in the life of Leopold Bloom and includes his and other characters – real and fictional.

The James Joyce Centre organizes the annual Bloomsday Festival – Check out the Events and Programs

Interesting read: Bloomsday Is a Travesty, but Not for the Reason You Think -from Vanity Fair by James S. Murphy (JUNE 16, 2014)

Colourful murals on the Bloom Hotel, Dublin. Could be a wonderful place to stay…


or perhaps like me, you could only afford student accommodations at Trinity College (which was pretty cool anyway!!).

Trinity College, Dublin
Trinity College, Dublin