My Divine Dinner at Dahlia Lounge – Downtown Seattle

Restaurant reviews are so personal, and not always about the food. ‘Was my day going well? Who did I dine with? Were the specials what I’d anticipated?’  That said, I had a long day, I missed my train, making my journey drag out after a long work week, it was raining, and I hadn’t made a reservation anywhere for dinner. Yikes.  That sounds like a recipe for a disastrous evening.  That it was the opposite, that I was able to make a (early) reservation at Dahlia Lounge, was divine!

I don’t really know much about Tom Douglas, except for stumbling into Lola and Dahlia Bakery and finding their offerings to be beautiful, tasty, creative, satisfying and thoughtful.  So, I’ve been wanting to try Dahlia Lounge for a while.

From the moment I entered, the whole experience was divine.  The decore is cozy, sophisticated and warm.  There are pockets of intimacy, unlike so many loud, open warehouse-style restaurants, at Dahlia Lounge there are booths, and sections of areas, and a small bar.

We had a booth, and our waiter (Rich) had just the right amount of interaction and attentiveness.  There was no rushing, nor patronizing over our dinner and wine selections, just some really good advise based on what we said we like.  And I could see he interacted with the other guests in a similar professional manner.  Also seeing him clean the stemware with a cloth before serving wine, for all his guests, perfection!  Thanks!

But its a dining experience – and its primarily about the food.

We started with the Sea Bar Sampler –  a seafood selection of Kona Kampachi, Fresh Crabmeat, Shrimp with an avocado cream sauce, Smoked black Cod, and Ahi Tuna Poke.   They were each divine, fresh, not over salty or over seasoned, or over smoked, complimenting the fish. The fresh natural fish flavours were enjoyable!

Sea Bar Sampler at Seattle's Dahlia Lounge
Sea Bar Sampler at Seattle’s Dahlia Lounge

We also had the Ribeye Steak with a Black Cod Potato Cake and grilled green onions and spicy cauliflower. The dish came with a red (bell) pepper sauce that was sweet and tangy.  The steak was cooked perfectly (as I had ordered it), and it was amazingly tender and juicy. It was divine!

Ribeye Steak with Black Cod Potato Cake and Spicy Cauliflower at Seattle's Dahlia Lounge
Ribeye Steak with Black Cod Potato Cake and Spicy Cauliflower at Seattle’s Dahlia Lounge

Our second main was the Dungeness Crab Cakes with sticky rice and green papaya, thai basil, greens salad, with a tangy peanut papaya (and I tasted lemon grass) sauce that was perfect with the crab cakes!

Crab Cake w/ Lemongrass sauce at Seattle's Dahlia Lounge
Crab Cake w/ Lemongrass sauce at Seattle’s Dahlia Lounge
Interior of Seattle's Dahlia Lounge
Interior of Seattle’s Dahlia Lounge

And we were tempted to have dessert after such a spectacular mean, sometimes you know dessert might be nice too.  I’ve tried the Coconut Cream Pie’s at Dahlia Bakery – mostly because everyone says you have to try them.  I do like a good Creme Brulee, and I love Flan.  We ordered the Tom’s World Famous Creme Caramel with Rice Puff Krispie.   It arrived and before we knew it, our spoons were diving in!!  You know its good when the food blogger forgets to take a photo first, and dives into the gorgeous food.  And you know what ? It was divine! Creamy, not too sweet, nice vanilla and custard flavours.

Creme Caramel with Rice Crispy at Seattle's Dahlia Lounge
Creme Caramel with Rice Crispy at Seattle’s Dahlia Lounge

All I can say is that, for me, looking at these photos, makes me hungry all over again, and reminds me of the divine dinner at Dahlia Lounge that I had after a long long week.

Thank you Tom!

Dahlia Lounge is in Downtown Seattle
2001 4th Avenue at Virginia


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  1. Hey Claire this is Eva from Tom Douglas! Thank you for the kind words–you must have gotten the tail end of the rainy season (80 degrees and sunshades now). I’ll make sure Chef Brock and GM Brad from Dahlia get this feedback!

    I’d also like to personally invite you to come down for a day at our #TDCamp 5-day Culinary Summer Camp July 7-11 hosted by Tom. To get more info and see a sneak peek of our line-up this year go to:

    Holler back if you have any questions! : )

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