Steveston Village : Fresh Local Red Sea Urchin – Uni – Yes you can

I love Steveston Village in Richmond. Not only is it a  fine TV location for ‘Once Upon A Time’, it’s a better place to buy fresh and local seafood, year round. I am a fan of uni (ウニ), or sea urchin, prepared in japanese and italian food. Usually I get mine in a beautiful presentation […]

Surfing Goat Dairy on Maui – Won My Heart

It’s Kidding Season in Maui! I don’t really need much excuse to visit a goat dairy farm, especially when there are baby goats. But Surfing Goat Dairy Farm has such a great reputation for local fresh and sustainable food in Maui, this visit was about the cheese. This is great trip up-country. Highly recommend if you’ve […]

Vancouver Chinatown Still Satisfies Traditional to Trendy Food Hunger

Vancouver’s Chinatown Can Still Deliver Some Great Food If you read the list of winners from the Vancouver Chinese Restaurant Awards 2013 its hard to find a restaurant outside Richmond.  Fair enough, there are great traditional and fine Chinese restaurants in Richmond.  But Vancouver Chinatown still has a few gems. Bao Bei Chinese Brasserie If you’re looking […]

Waikiki, Oahu, Hawaii – My Favourite Things – Photo Album

Oahu is Still a Place I Love, and Visit Often I’ve been lucky to have lived in several beautiful places. Oahu is one of them. During my college days, I spent a year in Oahu. Those days were salad days, long on time and short on money, and to this day, one of the best […]

Miku – Amazingly Fresh Sushi and Innovative Presentation

Miku…This was my second visit in 6 months. I love the food at Miku. I love the vibe and energy and intentions. It’s hard not to gush about Miku’s food, pretty much everything I’ve ever ordered was spectacular in freshness, quality and presentation. Miku has got it going, whether the salads, the Carpaccios, the Sashimi […]

Okonomiyaki Chibo, Waikiki – Quality Okonomiyaki

It’s been a while since I’ve visited an okonomiyaki restaurant. They are hard to find outside Japan, certainly hard to find in Vancouver! Japanese comfort food, casual and tasty. Luckily for Waikiki, there’s a great place for the okonomiyaki experience at Chibo Restaurant. [youtube] 

Edible Canada – Local Fare Breakfast at Granville Island Market

Usually I make my Granville Island Public Market trips early in the morning and am focused with list in hand. This weekend, it was quiet, and we slept in, and found ourselves arriving later (9 am) at the market. The bistro was just opening, and we were hungry. Lucky us. Brunch is Saturday and Sunday […]

Lonsdale Quay Market – Vancouver’s Other Great Food Market

Lonsdale Quay Market is a thriving market and a good excuse for a day trip to North Vancouver. I admit, I am a Sunday morning regular to Granville Island Public Market, but not just for the food, it’s close to my home, so walking there is routine. A trip to Lonsdale Quay Market is always […]