Awesome Photographers on Twitter Who Happen To Be Women

Today is International Women’s Day 2017, and I wanted to thank some of my favourite Photographers, Travel Inspirators, Artists and Travel Warriors who happen to be women.

Here are 10 awesome photographers on Twitter to follow, who happen to be women. Thank you for being a great inspiration! #SheInspiresMe


Meredith Frost @MeredithFrost

ABC News Producer. Photographer. Witty, timely, and a captivating photographer!

Megan Kennedy @WanderlustMegan

Travel Photographer and explorer based in Vancouver, BC.

Brooke Saward @worldofwlust

World of Wanderlust Aussie Travel Blogger.

Kirsten Alana @KirstenAlana

Pro Photographer, and traveller inspiration!

A Lady in London @aladyinlondon

London photographer, and Top 5 UK travel blogger. Social media lecturer & speaker. Expat Californian.

Jane Samuels @JaneSamuels

UK artist.

Sue Frause @suefrause

Whidbey Island, Washington Travel Writer+Photographer who made it to the seven continents.

Trip Styler @TripStyler

Vancouver’s Trip Styler is a global travel lifestyle blogger. Always fresh ideas, and real world inspiration. Trip Styler, aka Trish Friesen, also moonlights at Expedia & other pubs.

Margaret Soraya @margaretsoraya

Landscape, travel photographer living by Loch Ness. Next in India, Swaziland, Croatia.

Linda Wisdom @CreativeWisdom_

Super talented, Londoner Street Photographer.