Buen Dia Montevideo Uruguay

Buen Dia Montevideo Uruguay! This is a great time to visit Uruguay The South American travel scene is hot with 2014 FIFA World Cup fast approaching, and Uruguay as a travel destination is super hot. Uruguay is a hot topic, with its progressive government, its informal president and its social society. Its football team gearing up for 2014 FIFA World ...

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Plaza Matriz, Yerba Mate and Antiquing

Plaza Matriz on a Saturday is perfect place for travellers to enjoy a Mate and the open air Uruguayan plaza life. Enjoy a Yerba Mate, or a cafe, stroll the plaza and browse the antique vendors, sit under the broad trees and enjoy a gelato. Its a relaxed environment and offers an introduction to the Yerba Mate culture. Plaza Matriz is ...

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An Introduction to Mate, the drink of Uruguayans

Enjoying the Yerba Mate in Plaza Matriz, Antique Vendors, Ciudad Viejo Montevideo Uruguay

An introduction to Mate, the drink of Uruguayans, the Yerba Mate Culture Mate is an essential part of Uruguayan culture. Mate is an infusion made by steeping yerba mate – the dried, ground leaves of the llex paraguariensis plant – in hot water. Origins date back to pre-hispanic times and the Guarani indigenous culture. Initially mate was the constant companion ...

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Meat Parrilla-dise Mercado Del Puerto

If you like beef, you’ll love the Mercado Del Puerto in Montevideo’s Ciudad Viejo near the Port and Ferry Terminal. Open daily for lunch, you’re guaranteed an excellent beef Asado eating experience here. This is Uruguay’s palace of Asado, or grilled meat, with a huge variety of beef, port, lamb and poultry and a multitude of experts grilling on the ...

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Vistas of Casapueblo at Punta Ballena, Uruguay

Beautiful Casapueblo, the villa, hotel and museum built by Uruguayan artist Carlos Páez Vilaró, sits atop Punta Ballena and attracts visitors year round to take in the breathtaking views. Open to tourists since the late 1960’s, it attracts a steady stream of visitors. Definitely Gaudi-esque, its a surreal point of inspiration. Just 20 minutes from Punta del Este, it’s quite ...

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